How to Print/Hide Table Headings for Note Tables

By default, Note table headings are designed to print only if the table contains data.
However, they can also be set to not print, or always print, regardless of table content.


1. Open the Financial Statement and select your relevant Note Table.

2. Right click on any header cell in the note table header, and select Show/Hide Heading.

a. Show table heading with data: print table heading when there is data in the table.

b. Always show table heading: always print table heading.

c. Never show table heading: never print table heading.

d. All heading in notes: this sets the settings for all table headings through out the notes to the financial statements.


  • If the column headings are appearing as skipped text (blue) when the table does contain data, then repeat the above process and select Show table heading with data.

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