Rename CaseWare Engagement Files

Note the following: 

  • An engagement file cannot be renamed within Windows Explorer.
  • The rename function is not available when you currently have an engagement file open. To rename the file, you would need to be out of the file. (File > Close will return you to the welcome screen).
  • Engagement files will not be able to be renamed if the file has already been published to Cloud or onto your Server.


To rename non-smart sync engagement files:

Step 1: Launch CaseWare Working Papers.

Step 2: From the File tab, select Rename File. The rename file options will appear on the right

Step 3: In the Select Client file to rename the field, click the drop-down button to choose the file you wish to rename.

Step 4: In the New Name field, enter the desired name.

Step 5: Select Generate a new identifier for this file.

Step 6: Click the Rename File to rename the selected engagement.

 To rename smart-sync engagement files:

If the engagement file has already been published, this feature will not be available. The only way to rename the file is to create a backup (without its sync folders) and republish the file with a different name. You may then replace your originally wrong named file in your server with your correctly named file.

Step 1: Create a backup of the file (do not include the sync folder)

Step 2: Locate, and rename the backup file.

Step 3: Republish the backup file onto the server/cloud.





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