How to create a back-up of a CaseWare File

Important: It is recommended that engagement files are backed-up regularly, especially:

  • When working at a client site.
  • Working on an only copy of the engagement (e.g. Network).
  • Before performing a major change, such as an import or update of a file.
  • When engagement files have been Signed / Checked out.

To create a back-up file:

Step 1: From the File tab, select Back Up to open the 'Back Up' dialog.

Step 2: Select your Backup location.

a) If your file is published onto a Smart Sync Server or CaseWare Cloud, you can "Include Sync Folder" to include your synchronisation changes made. Selecting this option will also allow your Back Up file to be connected to the Parent.

    Note: If you do not want your Back Up copy to be reading to the parent, do not select "Include Sync Folder"

b) Select "Include Sub Folders" to insert any sub folders made within the engagement's folder. This is optional. 


Step 3: Select Ok, and your Back Up copy will be made.

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