How to create own user-defined Ratios in CaseWare

As soon as the user has imported and mapped their trial balance, CaseWare will automatically calculate 37 pre-defined ratios.

These ratios are set towards a company which deals in sales and inventory. These 37 ratios are set by the industry and do not include service based ratios by default.

The user has the ability to manually create their service based ratios.

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand have created a Graphs and Ratios document (3-100 Audit System / 25-135 in FinancialsIFRS) in our list of documents which allows the user to enter three user-defined ratios under each of the four categories (i.e. Liquidity, Activity, Profitability and Coverage). Although these ratios will not be automated, the user has the option to manually enter their ratio calculations and the graph will display the detail. For example, if we wish to add a custom Liquidity ratio to the document we need to;

  1. Open 3-100 Graphs and Ratios from the document manager (25-135 in the FinancialsIFRS template). The table of contents should then display.
  2. From the table of contents, select Liquidity Ratio - User Defined 1. The appropriate ratio will appear in the document.
  3. From the table of contents, click Liquidity Ratio - User Defined 1. The user will be navigated to the appropriate ratio.
  4. In the input cells provided, enter the Ratio name and data.
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