How to track changes after an engagement file has been reviewed?

The reviewer has the ability to track any changes made to an engagement file by using milestone sets.

milestone set can be created at the end of any review process, which can then be compared against to check if any changes have occurred since the milestone set was created. Milestone sets are a collection of milestones for all documents in the Document Manager. 

If a document has been modified after a milestone set has been generated, it will appear underlined and red on the document manager interface.

To create and compare to a milestone set:

  1. From the ribbon, select Engagement tab | in the Engagement area | History.
  2. Select the  Auto-Compare tab.
  3. Select Milestone set.
  4. In the Set Label field, enter a meaningful label (For example, Review).
  5. Click Generate Now. This will create a new milestone for all CaseView and CaseWare documents. 

Note: The generating of the milestone set may take a moment.

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