Issues - What is the difference between Cleared and Completed?

Issues are resolved by the assigned audit team member(s) and then cleared by the issue owner (creator).

Process of an Issue:

  1. Issue is raised by the audit team member (typically the manager).
  2. When the issue is created the creator will then assign the team member responsible for the issue.
  3. The team member responsible will then complete the issue. When issues are resolved they will appear crossed out on the Issue Pane.
  4. The issue creator will then clear the issue. 
  5. The user who is assigned the issue may Resolve or re-assign the issue. But they cannot modify the main properties of the issue or clear the issue.

The user can view issues which have not been cleared using the following screens:

  1. Issue Pane. Can create or modify filters to display all uncleared issues.
  2. Document Manager. An uncleared issue column can be displayed which shows all uncleared issues assigned to documents.

Below is the process of an Issue from start to finish:


  • Issues can only be deleted or cleared by the creator.
  • Issues can be cleared from the Issue Pane under the Un-cleared Issues tab.
  • Issues can be cleared from within the Issue screen.
  • Issues can be cleared from the Issue Automatic Document.

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