How to use the Fold line in the Working Trial Balance

freeze pane feature similar to Microsoft Excel can be activated in CaseWare Working Papers using the "Fold" option to ease the scrolling in the "Trial Balance" tab.  For example, this option will keep the columns "Account No" and "Name" in view while all other data will scroll across the screen.


  1. Position the cursor in the column where the "Fold" has to be applied.
  2. From the ribbon, select View tab | in the Columns area | Set Fold Line (CTRL + F11).

    Note that the column where the Fold is applied to has broken column lines and the others have a normal line.

  3. From the ribbon, select View tab | In the Columns area | Fold to activate the Fold line. The freeze area will be limited to the left of the fold line.
  4. To disable the Fold, from the ribbon, select View tab | In the Column area | Fold.
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