How to set thresholds in Variance Reports

Within both the Financials and Audit System templates, the following two variance reports are available:

  • 30-402:  Variance Report - by account number
  • 30-403:  Variance Report - by leadsheet

Users can access the properties of these documents and apply thresholds to them in order to filter them, to show accounts/leadsheets with a movement over the threshold set. 
To assign thresholds to either document:

  1. Right-click on the relevant document, and select Document | Properties.
  2. Add a Threshold amount and/or a Threshold percentage, and ensure that the right selection is made in the And/Or picklist.
  3. Click OK

The thresholds set will then appear in the header of the document and only the accounts/leadsheets above these thresholds will now appear in the report.

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