Why Shouldn’t I use USB’s to manage my CaseWare files?

Clients are heavily cautioned about using USB flash memory sticks to share access to CaseWare files in multi-user mode.

USB devices have a short lifespan and have write limits that are often not enough to cater for a CaseWare engagement file - most only support 100,000 (and sometimes as low as 10,000) writes to a single memory cell which make the database header un-writeable.

More generally though, USB devices are easily corrupted or lost, and quite simply "you get what you pay for".  Therefore CaseWare Australia and New Zealand do not advise you to entrust a USB device to run your CaseWare engagement files from.  These should just be used to transfer documentation or checked out files.  We instead recommend that you maintain and manage your CaseWare files from your hard drive.

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