How to Export and Merge Documents into a PDF Document

When performing interim or planning procedures in a CaseWare engagement file, users have the option to import a trial balance for that interim period (i.e. less that 12 months of data).  Therefore all leadsheets, trial balance and analytical review workpapers (i.e. automatic documents) will automatically display this imported data. However, when the full period trial balance is later imported, the interim balances will only be available in the FSA worksheet.

Therefore, CaseWare encourages users that perform and document interim or planning work performed in these workpapers to consider utilising CaseWare's PDF converter to create a batch PDF of your interim workpapers, and then include it in your Document Manager.  The follow steps explain how to create this PDF file:  

  1. Hold down CTRL and using the mouse, select all required work papers from the document manager.
  2. From the ribbon, select Document tab |in the Export area | Save asSave as PDF file...
  3. Tick Add to client file and Document Manager. This will add the PDF to the Document Manager once it is saved.
  4. Tick Merge PDF files. This will merge all selected work papers into one PDF document.
  5. Click OK to create a PDF of the selected documents.

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