How to customise the ’Layout’ within an Issue Type

Users can customise the layout of the Issues dialog for individual issue types. This allows users to determine the fields available in the dialog. 

Follow the steps below to customise a an issue type Layout:

  1. Open the Issue Pane by clicking Issues on the 'Navigation Toolbar'.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the Issues pane and select Settings | Customize Types. The 'Issue Types' screen will appear.
  3. Select an existing type and press Edit. The 'Edit Type' screen will appear.

    Note: You can also Add a new type. If you click Add, the 'Add Type' screen will appear. Each type must have a Type description and unique ID

  4. To adjust the layout, press Layout. The 'Customize Type Layout' screen will now open.

  5. Choose the appropriate tab to which you want to apply the customise layout to.
    • For new issues which are yet to be created within the engagement, choose New Issue.
    • For existing issues which are already within the engagement, choose Existing Issue.
  6. By default, all areas will contain a green checkmark (). To turn-off a component within the custom layout, simply click on the green checkmark. This will change the image to a red cross ().
    • Fields with a green checkmark () next to them will display in the custom layout for New Issue / Existing Issue created.
    • Fields with a red cross () next to them will be excluded from the custom layout for New Issue / Existing Issue created. 
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