How do I split the account number and account description in a leadsheet?

By default, the account number and account description are grouped together in a single column in your leadsheet. However, you may choose to split these up. To do so, right click on the column heading in your leadsheet and select Reorder Columns. In the Reorder Table Columns dialogue, select Account No (Account) and Description (Account) from the Hidden Columns section and move to the Active Columns section by clicking on the left pointing triangle. You can choose to reorder the positioning of each column in the Active Column section.

Then move Account (Account) to the Hidden Columns section.
Click OK to confirm your column ordering.
Once this is done, the Account Number and Account Description information will be separated into 2 columns when saved as an external file (e.g. selecting Save As | Excel File... to save the Leadsheet as an Excel file).

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