Can I use CaseView documents from other Audit Profiles?

The Audit System template provides several profiles for a user to select upon creating a new engagement file.

  1. Australia

  2. New Zealand

  3. Review

  4. OneForm (Australia)

  5. OneForm (New Zealand)

 Sometimes it may be necessary to use a CaseView document (e.g. Program, Checklist or flat-form), which is unique to one profile, in another. Some examples are:

  1.  In a OneForm profile, the user may require a detailed program from Australia or New Zealand to deal with a high risk item.
  2. In a Review profile, the user may require a detailed Risk Response Program from Australia due to a significant risk being identified for one or more of the FSAs.

In conclusion, a Program / Checklist will not impact a foreign profile too much. CaseWare Australia and New Zealand do expect users to sometimes use CaseView documents outside their native profile. It is important to note that although most documents should work outside their native profile we would encourage you to contact support to double-check..

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