What happens when I copy across a CaseView document from an older engagement?

Am I able to copy across a CaseView document from an older engagement?
No. You are not able to copy across Audit or Financials CaseView documents from old engagement files. Any transfers between engagement files must ensure that both engagement files have consistent version. Please contact support for further information.

What will happen to the engagement file if I do copy documents from an out-of-date engagement?
If CaseView documents are copied across from old engagement files, it can cause corruptions to the database (which are not always recoverable), and errors updating to the new version of the template. Please avoid doing this and contact our support team to discuss your options.

What should I do if I suspect this has happened?
If you suspect that older documents have been copied into your current engagement file, please contact support on (03) 9660 4688 or via email support@caseware.com.au

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