How do I use the Reportable Items module with the integrated Management Letters?

The Audit System template includes the Reportable Items module. This module allows users to record items during the audit that they wish to consider reporting to management and / or those charged with governance at the conclusion of the engagement. 

The Module contains 3 elements, all of which are detailed below. 

  1. New Reportable Item Dialog
  2. MRPT - Management Letter Report
  3. 5-200: Management Letter & Reporting to Those Charged with Governance


1. New Reportable Item Dialog

  • To record a reportable item, select the  icon from the toolbar. This will open the New Reportable Item dialog. 


  • You can link pre-existing Risk / Controls into the Reportable Item dialog.
  • You can record details of any observations / weaknesses.
  • You can Import recommendations from risks space / copy existing in the engagement file / create a new one. 

2. MRPT - Management Letter Report

This document is similar to the RRPT and CRPT, in that it compiles and summarises all of the reportable items recorded in the engagement file. From here, users can open reportable items to edit the observation, weakness and / or the risks and controls that items are linked to. 
This document also confirms which letters each recommendation is to be reported in (based on the yes/no selections made for each recommendation in the 'New Reportable Item' dialog). 

Note: Users are then encouraged to review and confirm where these items are to appear through the MRPT document before opening and editing the individual letters. 

3. 5-200: Management Letter & Reporting to Those Charged with Governance

In this folder there are 2 letter templates: 

  • 5-210: Management Letter
  • 5-220: Governance Letter

Each of these letters correspond with a letter reference in the 'New Reportable Items' dialog and the MRPT, and include pre-drafted introductions that users can tailor as required. 

To import the Reportable item's recommendations into the appropriate management letters, press the Refresh () button. 

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