SmartSync File Management Best Practices

When using CaseWare Working Papers Smart Sync, there are some ideal practices that users should highly consider to maintain consistency and proper file management.

SmartSync Best Practices

A PDF document of the similar best practice guide can be found attached below.

 File Name

  • Try to keep your engagement file name as short as possible. It is recommended that you use abbreviations instead of the full entity name when naming CaseWare Working Papers files. To rename an engagement file, you must first delete all Child Copies and Clear Sync Information of the engagement file. More information can be found in FAQ 248.


Child Copies

  • Child copies should only be downloaded once at the start when you need a copy of the engagement file. The child copy will be stored on your local drive and can be accessed throughout the audit engagement. You will only need one Child copy to work on.


Deleting Child Copies

  • At the end of the engagement, you should delete your Child Copy as part of your file management clean up. Alternatively, you should also delete an engagement file when your involvement in the audit engagements is completed.
  • To delete your child copy, use the Cloud > Delete Copy button. This is a clean deletion that will ensure all your work has been synced before removal. 


Do Not: 

  • Download and store multiple unused child copies.
  • Download a new Child copy every time you need one. Use the one that is already stored on your computer. A large number of child copies will clog up the sync traffic. This will also cause significant confusion and sync errors, potentially causing lost work.
  • Delete file from Windows Explorer.


Moving Files

  • When choosing to move Child Copies, ensure you move the engagement file folder. Do not move the contents of the folder only as there are hidden files that may be excluded or missed. 
  • Do not attempt to move, or manually rename the folder of the location of the Parent file.



  • Backups are essential if you are unable to sync back to the Parent file. Backup files by default will not connect back to the Parent file. To restore a backup to your Smart Sync hierarchy, please contact our CaseWare Support team on 03 9660 4688 or email us at
  • When creating a backup, ensure you tick the Include Sync Folder option. 
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