Disclosure Checklist Update

Update method

To update the Disclosure Checklist documents in the engagement file you will need to remove the existing Disclosure Checklist and re-insert the new documents from Disclosure Checklist library. This means any work  already completed in these documents will need to be re-done if you choose to update the Disclosure Checklist.

  1.  Locate and delete the Disclosure Checklist folder and all documents within the folder.
    Use CTRL - F

    You can use CTRL - F in the document manager to bring up the search function to search for the term "Disclosure Checklist".

  2. In your Document Manager, select the location you wish to insert the new Disclosure Checklist.
  3. Click on the From Library in the Document Tab on the ribbon and select Disclosure Checklist from the drop down menu.

  4. In the Source: dropdown, ensure that Disclosure Checklist is selected.

  5. Select the disclosure checklist folder and click Add, and it will insert the document library into your selected location.
  6. Click Close to exit the document library screen



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