How to insert an External Section & Document into the Financial Statements

External documents such as Microsoft Word or PDF Documents can be inserted into your Financial Statements for added reference or for different sections in your Financial Statements. External documents can also have its own separate financial statement section. To do so, follow the guide below. 

Replacing an existing area in the FSIFRS?

If you would like to replace an auto-generated section in the Financial Statements with your External Document, be sure to remove the auto-generated section following FAQ 6 by clicking here.


Step 1: Under the Insert tab, select Other and choose External document section.

Step 2: Type in the relevant name section name for your external document (i.e. Independent Audit Report) and select OK. (The name you type in here will not print in the final version of the accounts).

Step 3: In the newly created section, place your cursor before <Insert External Document here>.

Step 4: From the Insert tab | select External Document.

Step 5: Choose the document from the Document Manager, and subsequently select if you would like to attach a document header/footer to your external document section.

Step 6: Click Yes

Within the attach Header/Footer dialog, select No Header if the PDF already contains a header. If it does not contain a header, select an appropriate header and edit using FAQ 601, after closing the dialog.

For the footer, select Previous Attached Footer.

Note: Your external document would not need its own page numbering as it is already generated by the Financial Statements. 

Step 7: Delete the text "<Insert External Document here>". This text is simply a placeholder to alert you where to insert your External Document. 

If you need to re-position the report, use the Areas option in the sort section of the Home tab.




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