Creating and Attaching a Landscape Footer

Landscape Note

To make your note landscape, click here to view FAQ 480.


Creating a Footer

Step 1: From the CaseView ribbon Document tab, select Modify > Footer 1 from the Headers/Footers area.

Step 2: Highlight and copy (Ctrl-C) all 3 lines from the footer.

Step 3: From the Document tab, select Modify > Unused > Footer > Footer xx (Create New).

Step 4: Click OK.

Step 5: Paste the text into the new footer.

Step 6: Click on the Modify button to close the footer.



Attaching a Footer

Once your footer is created, you need to attach it to the appropriate location in your accounts.

Step 1: Go to where you have set your page to print landscape and place your cursor on the line with the page break.

Step 2: From the Document tab, select Attach from the Headers/Footers area.

Step 3: Attach the footer created above.

Step 4: Do not adjust the header.

Step 5: Click OK.

Where the accounts go back to portrait, remember to attach Footer 1 so the page numbers will appear again.


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