What’s New - October 2017

What’s New - October 2017

CaseWare Working Papers 2017

Note: A PDF copy of What's New - Oct 2017 is attached below available for you to download. 

Version: 2017.00.225 r2

Below are some improvements to the software from Working Papers 2016.00.181 to our current release build. For more information please review CaseWare Working Papers Online Help.


CaseWare Cloud Integration

  • To eliminate the duplication of work, the "Operating Name" and "E.I.N./BN" fields of the Engagement Properties dialog now sync with their corresponding Cloud fields: "Operating Name" and "Business Number". Changes made in Engagement Properties will automatically update the related fields in the Cloud Entity and vice versa.

Year End Close

  • A new Auto-Publish feature is available for existing Cloud integrated files when performing a year-end close (YEC). Running the YEC function from either¬†Working Papers¬†or Cloud will now automatically publish the new engagement in the same entity as the previous year’s file, simplifying the transition to a new year.
  • Performing a year-end close will now remove the due date from any documents tagged as deliverables.


  • The Filter Manager now includes a Ready to Review option. Enabling this option sets the filter to display only documents ready to review.


  • To aid in the review process, a new Document ready for review when option can be assigned to roles to signal when a document is ready for review.


  • In prior versions, you needed to navigate to¬†Tools | Options | General¬†to clear the recent files list. There was no option to remove files (excluding sync copies) on a one by one basis. We've added two new options to the right-click context menu to help users organize their¬†Recent Files¬†list.


  • Navigating quickly between pages is now possible from the¬†View¬†tab when viewing a PDF document in the internal viewer.


  • Expanded the Exclusive Lock function for Word and Excel documents. When enabled, modifications to the opened document are exclusive to the user.


  • SmartSync¬†child copies now automatically check for, and transmit any missed synchronization events before they can be deleted. This will help prevent data-loss when clearing out child copies. Depending on the file size, the delete may take longer to execute than in previous versions.
  • SmartSync¬†copies will no longer be deleted when documents are still open. The following warning will now appear when a user attempts to delete a sync copy with open documents.


  • Added a label that displays when editing headers and footers in¬†CaseView. Custom header and footer names are included in the label to help you keep track of your content.
  • The¬†Multiple Document Windows¬†mode is now enabled by default. This will allow users to launch multiple¬†CaseView¬†documents in unique windows. If necessary, you can disable this in¬†Tools | Options | Interface.

Mapping and Grouping

  • To make it easier to assign map/group numbers to large trial balances, the¬†Assign Mapping Numbers¬†and¬†Assign Grouping Numbers¬†dialog now includes a search filter that pre-populates a list of results based on what is entered. The search supports the use of wildcard characters (*, ?) for any sequence of characters.

Document Manager

  • A new deliverable property has been added to documents to help identify documents as client deliverables and track when they are due.
  • Documents converted to placeholders are now placed in the Windows Recycle Bin so that they can be added back into the¬†client file¬†if still needed.

Automatic Documents

  • Renaming column headings is now supported for automatic documents. This can be done using the Rename Columns command from the context menu or the View tab in the Ribbon. This is a document-specific setting.


CaseWare Connector 2017

Version 2017.00.042

Below are some improvements to the software from Connector 2016.00.020 to our current release build. For more information please refer to CaseWare Connector Online Help.



  • To increase efficiency and save time searching through documents, you can now reference a specific page in a PDF when using the Hyperlink Reference dialog.
  • You can now insert a page or note number reference defined in a specific CaseView document.


  • Fixed an issue where converting a CCH ProSystem fx formula in a Word Document into a Connector link would replace the formula with the text "JUST CONVERTED".
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Zero as Dash option would round non-zero linked values.
  • Converting formulas from ProSystem fx to Working Papers is now done without using an intermediary formula format. This change fixes certain rare errors that could occur during conversion.

FinancialsIFRS template

Version: 15.00.261

External Document Section

  • Option to attach a header or footer if one does not exist in the external document.

Table of Contents

  • The ability to remove the page number heading in the Table of Contents when using Format 4 ‚Äď Detailed table of contents.¬†

Improvements to the ribbon

  • An ‘Apply default settings’ button has been added to allow custom settings from the CL - Firm Financial options document, to be applied to the financial statements.¬†


  • When resizing the width of a column, the change can now be applied to all similar tables in the current section or throughout the document.
  • Sub-totals can now be added/deleted from the right click menu.


  • Client customisations to paragraph level formatting can now be preserved when merging in the firm standard style sheet.

New Entity

  • Incorporated Association ‚Äď NT Schedule 4¬†


  • Expanded list of Revenue and Expense leadsheets to provide more detail.


  • Income Statement structure updated to include expanded leadsheet list.¬†

Other Changes

  • Directors Report ‚Äď disclosures left align with main heading
  • Improvements to Audit Report
  • Cash Flow Information note ‚Äď new disclosure ‘Changes in liabilities arising from financing activities’
  • The following loan accounts have been moved from Trade and Other Payables to Borrowings:
    • Related party payables
    • Interest free at call loans
    • Interest free loans from beneficiaries


Audit System template

Version: 19.00.310 RevA

New Inclusions / Amendments

  • Additional Revenue and Leadsheet groupings to further break up these areas for use in the FSA
  • Renumbered Half Year Leadsheets (e.g. B.08 to B.01H) and Consolidated Leadsheets (e.g. B.05 to B.01C)
  • 2-200 - Materiality workpaper now captures the Adj. balance, Thereon and Planning total columns when capturing the planning calculations.
  • 6-150 - Completion Memorandum now includes the following:
    • New Reportable Item column in the risk tables
    • New Sign-off and Bulk Sign-off options from the heading right-click menus
    • Locked down Going Concern, Subsequent events and Related parties section.
    • Going Concern now includes Altman Z score ratio graph
    • New Threshold controls for the FSA Matters tables. Tables have also been given a face-lift.¬†
  • New Solid background Tickmarks for better visibility within the Internal Image Viewer.¬†

Risks and Controls

  • Risk dialogs now consistent across all profiles. Previously the OneForm and Review profiles had less options than the main profiles. These dialogs are now consistent.
  • Control option is now included for Review engagements.

Update Process

  • When performing an engagement file update, a red exclamation mark( ) will appear near any signed-off documents in the Update dialog to indicate that they cannot be updated or deleted.
  • Firm authors now can push updates made to the Financial Statement Areas document such as Working Papers References in the master template to users
  • Update screen has been improved to offer more guidance for the user updating the engagement file.

Checklists and Work Programs

  • Filtering procedures is now supported in work programs and checklists. You can specify your filter parameters in the Filter Procedures dialog which can be accessed from the Filter Procedures ( ) button at the top of any work program or checklist.
  • Modified comments made to a procedure response after sign-off no longer appears in modified state after performing a year end close.
  • The Display Completion Details option in the Options menu to hide or show the role sign-off at the top of the document will now also hide the role sign-off detail from printing.
  • The OCR now includes a new Prior Year column to help you decide which documents to delete.

Financial Statement Areas (FSA)

  • Custom rows assigned to a group number that is no longer associated with that FSA will now be removed from the FSA worksheet when the file is refreshed. If the rows are unassigned or using a different line type, they will not be removed.
  • Description fields in the FSA worksheet now automatically update any changes made to calculations, and support extended descriptions. Changes will display without the need to refresh the worksheet.
  • FSA items with possible unrecorded adjustments that would cause the FSA item to be immaterial now display a yellow warning sign in the Inherent Risk column. The warning is cleared when the Risk assessment completed column is filled out.
  • Changes made to Specific Materiality now prompt the yellow over-auditing warning and the red under-auditing warning in the Materiality assessment column when relevant.


  • Clicking a skin heading (such as Planning or Risk Assessment) no longer refreshes the constellation.
  • FSA cards now have a view/edit button ( ) that launches the associated FSA worksheet.
  • Constellation filters now change color to indicated they have been selected.


Disclosure Checklist

Version: 1.00.011 Release 11




  • Updated the disclosure checklists for the latest changes in accounting standards in effect for 31 December 2017 and 30 June 2018


Management Reporting

Version: 2017.00.001




  • Updated the mapping structure to reflect the changes in FinancialsIFRS 15.


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