Hotfix - Blank Drop-down options in Independent Questionnaire (1-100)

If the dropdown options in the Independent Questionnaire for Team Members are 'blank' and have no following options to choose from, make sure:

  • Your engagement file is up to date. To do so please see FAQ 411.¬†
  • You have chosen an audit profile.¬†

1. To determine if you have an audit profile chosen, open the "Audit System - Control Documents (do not delete)" folder which should be located at the bottom of your Document Manager.

2. Within the "Audit - Control Documents (do not delete)" folder open the AO General Options document. 

3. Make sure that your last loaded profile is selected, and not left as default. If it is set as default, choose your appropriate profile relevant for this engagement by selecting the refresh button at the right side of the profile.

4. A message will appear "Profile has been successfully refreshed". 

5. Check if the dropdown checklist in the independent questionnaire is there. 

4. If the issue still persists, a hotfix will need to be applied.

5. In the CaseWare ribbon select From Library | from the Edit Tab.

6. Within the source bar, choose Audit System TOOLS Library > Hotfixes. Dropdown Template Hotfixes.


7. Drag 119 Hotfix - Independence Questionnaire - Other Team Member 'Blank' into your Document Manager. 

8. Run the Hotfix and click Fix.

9. Check if the dropdown checklist in the independent questionnaire is there. 

If this issue still persists, please contact support on 03 9660 4688 or


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