Merge Do-It-Yourself Table Headings

To merge DIY table headings such as the one shown above, follow the steps below.

1. After inserting your DIY table, right-click in it and select Edit Do-It-Yourself Table. This will switch on the Editing mode, and various cell numbers would appear. 

2. Right click on the DIY table heading, select Modify Table and then New Header Line. This will create a new section of the DIY table Heading.

3. Delete any unnecessary blank paragraphs, and leave only one row of blank paragraphs within the newly created DIY table heading. 

4. Highlight your original DIY table heading, right click on the DIY table and select Modify Table.

5. Select Merge Cells.

6. The following table would then appear like this. Delete any unnecessary blank paragraphs again. At this stage, your table heading is complete.


7. Right click on the DIY Table again, and select Edit Do-It-Yourself Table again to deselect the Edit Mode.




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