How to use the Audit Program/Checklist Filters

In the Audit System Program or Checklists, sorting or searching through all your audit procedures can be tedious and time-consuming. To assist with this, the audit procedures can be filtered. 


1. Click on the Filter Procedures button, to launch the ‘Filter Procedures’ dialog.

2. In the Filter Procedure dialog, select or deselect any components you do or do not wish to display. Filters can be applied at:

a) The group level

When deselecting a checkbox next to a column heading description, your selected Audit Program/Checklist will not display those that are deselected.

 b) The category level

When deselecting a checkbox next to each category in one or more groups, your selected Audit Program/Checklist will not display those that are deselected. 

Note: Your filter is switched on when the filter icon is yellow. 

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