How do I insert a separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) for individual entities in an Internally-Consolidated entity?

Within an internally consolidated CaseWare file, you may often need to calculate different Financial Statement Area (FSA) for each subsidiary or individual entities. To do so, you would need separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) Worksheets for your subsidiaries aside from the original FSA worksheet. Follow the procedure below.

Please view FAQ 637 to insert separate Materiality documents for separate subsidiaries in an internally consolidated CaseWare file.


1. Within the Audit System - Control Documents folder, open the Master Documents folder.

2. Copy and paste "NFSAGRP: Worksheet - Financial Statement Area (Group Balances) " into the 3-200 - Concluding on Risk Assessment Phase folder. This separate FSA document will only be available and work only for files setup as a consolidation entity. 


3. Rename the document to your liking. It is recommended to differentiate them with the original FSA Worksheet - Financial Statement Areas.

4. Within the newly created dummy FSA, select the appropriate subsidiary/individual entity. Once completed, the dummy FSA will be automatically connected to the primary FSA. You will need to do the same thing for each entity of the consolidation.




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