How to create staff or contact groups

User groups are a key aspect of organizing your firm in Cloud. Having users assigned to either contact groups or staff groups enables you to change multiple users’ properties simultaneously. These properties include what apps users can access, and what security access roles users will have on content they are assigned.

For example, you may want to create staff groups for your firm based on seniority.

Creating a New Group

You can create both Staff and Contact Groups from the Groups page.

To create a new page:

1. Ensure that you have the Staff Admin role or equivalent privileges.

2. From the Cloud Menu, select Groups.

3. Select New, then choose Staff Group or Contacts Group. The new Group dialog opens.


4. Enter a Name and Description for your group. 

5. From the sidebar, select Members. Choose the users you want to add to this group.

6. If you have the Admin role or equivalent permissions, you can also assign Firm-Wide Roles.

7. Select Save. 


Adding or removing users from a group

After groups are created, you can manage the membership of the groups by adding or removing users as appropriate.

To add or remove users in existing group:

1. Ensure that you have the Staff Admin role or equivalent privileges.

2. From the Cloud Menu, select Groups.

3. Select the group you want to edit and, on the right side of the page, select Edit. 

4. From the sidebar, select Members. Choose the appropriate users, select Save. 


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