How do I assign a Procedure to my Risk

How do I assign a procedure to my risk(s)?

As part of the Audit Process, risks must be identified for our audit engagements, and the audit must then be designed to address these risks.

When you assign risks to an existing / new procedure, you are inadvertently creating the audit response for your auditors to complete.


To assign a procedure to my risk Option 1


  1. In the risk dialog, Go to Addressed box

  2. From the Document Manager dialog, Click in the relevant programs / checklist to open the procedures dialog

  3. Choose one or more appropriate procedures to be linked and Click OK

  4. Click Ok
  5. Click Apply



The option 2 to link procedure to risk


Alternatively the procedures can be linked to the risk at any point of audit procedure before signing of the document.


  1. Click in the relevant procedures
  2. Go to Procedures | Link risks to a procedure

  3. From the Risks dialog select one or more appropriate risks.
  4. Click Ok

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