How has the FSA changed due to duplication assessment?

The audit responses in caseware is optimised based on the risk assessment and applicable Financial Statement assertions.


It is important to note that the valuation assertion is no longer connected with the Revenue FSA. Instead, accuracy, a more appropriate assertion for revenue is retained. This will help in generating appropriate audit responses with regards to this area in V.10

In X.10, as part of removing duplication from within the audit programs, some procedures in Payroll were removed. This included the only procedure available under Further Substantive.

If the user still wants to include Further Substantive user-defined procedures for Payroll, then they can:

  1. Select Procedure | Insert Procedure from content library
  2. Choose the default procedure available and click OK. This will insert the Further Substantive Group and a default procedure.
  3. Modify the default procedure and add any addition procedures you’d like to include via the Procedure > Insert New Procedure menus.


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