Why can’t I make changes to the DARTs (Detailed Audit Response Tables)?

The main reason why the DARTs (Detailed Audit Response Tables) become non-adjustable is due to the incorrect DART being included in the Audit Program.

There are two different DARTs that may exist within an Audit Program. 

  • DART linked to FSA
  • DART not linked to FSA

In Audit System, the DARTs were linked to FSA, whereas previously, the DARTs were all input. 

IMPORTANT: It is important that engagement files do not contain a mixture of new DARTs with old FSA (vice versa), as this can lead to problems. 

Consider the following points: 

The DART linked to FSA will only work if the new FSA is included in the engagement file. All selections made to populate these DARTs only. 

  • The DART not linked to FSA will only work if the old FSA is included in the engagement file. These DARTs are input only and have no link to FSA. 

Solution A - I want to use the new DARTs:

The new DARTs will only work if you have done the following: 

  1. Ensure the new FSA document has been added to the engagement file (use File | Copy Components).
  2. Ensure the new Leadsheet Summary groups have been copied into the engagement file (use File | Copy Components). 
  3. Ensure the new DARTs have been included in all substantive programs (e.g. B.10, C.10, etc).

Recommended: It is stronger recommended to use Method 2 of Step 5 (Staff Update Guide 2) when updating old audit engagement files, to include the new FSA. 

Solution B - I want to maintain the old DARTs:

Note: The old DARTs can only be maintained if a user has not already tried to insert the new DARTs. 

To maintain the old DARTs, simply run the update to the end of Step 4 (Staff Update Guide 2) - Do not run Step 5. However, if the new DARTs have already been inserted, you have two options:


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