How do I customise the Understanding the entity or Audit Strategy documents?

The CaseWare Audit template provides users with a key document to cater for the overall audit strategy. Document 2-400 ASA Worksheet - Overall Audit Strategy is a simple CaseView document which can be used to document the various aspects of the planning process. However, modification of this document (such as adding sub sections or headings) is limited.

An alternative is to export the document to Microsoft Word in order to make further changes. To export to Word: 

  1. From the menus, select File | Export > Rich Text Format. The appropriate screen will appear. 
  2. Choose a location (recommended to save the export to your audit engagement file folder). 
  3. Enter a File Name
  4. Tick Export conditionally skipped content. This will ensure that all blue (or skipped) content also gets exported. 
  5. Click Save. CaseView will now export the document as a Rich Text Format
    This format can be opened in Microsoft Word

Note: You may wish to add the new RTF document to your Document Manager and remove the existing 2-400

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