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How to Roll Forward an Engagement File
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Note: There is only one correct way to roll forward an engagement file (whether it is an audit or financials file).Procedure: 1. From the Engagement tab, select Year End Close to display the "Year End Close and Roll Forward" dialog.  2.... Read More
What is meant by ’Factual’, ’Projected’ and ’Judgemental’ Journals in CaseWare Working Papers?
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The Adjusting Journal Entries page has been updated to adhere to the Clarified International Standards on Auditing by adding Factual, Projected and Judgemental misstatement types to Normal Adjusting and Unrecorded Entries Misstatement This option... Read More
How to report Translated Trial Balance of a Foreign Currency Entity in a Consolidated File?
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If a trial balance for an entity that you are consolidating is in a foreign currency, to report on the converted values, do the following: Procedure:  Step 1: In the individual file for the applicable entity, open the Working Trial Balance and... Read More
How to Display/Hide Zero Balances within Trial Balance, Leadsheets and Review Documents
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This is a global setting that flows through to all automatic documents. To Hide: Step 1: From the File tab, select Options. Step 2: From the 'Properties' menu select Documents. Step 3: Untick the Trial Balance/leadsheets/analytical... Read More
Can CaseWare documents be exported to Microsoft Word/Excel?
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CaseWare Working Papers allows users to export CaseWare type documents to Microsoft products.  Automatic Documents can be exported to Microsoft Excel. CaseView Documents can be exported to Microsoft Word. Automatic DocumentsTo export... Read More
Mapping Guide
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This guide attached below is designed to assist CaseWare users with the mapping process. It covers frequently asked questions about mapping and provides guidance on where to map accounts for the key financial statement areas and different entity... Read More
Rename CaseWare Engagement Files
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Note the following:  An engagement file cannot be renamed within Windows Explorer. The rename function is not available when you currently have an engagement file open. To rename the file, you would need to be out of the file. (File >... Read More
How to add a Hyperlink Annotation reference to a ’Bookmark / Cell / Page’ in ’Word / Excel / PDF’?
Viewed 17629 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
CaseWare Hyperlink Annotations allow users to reference Bookmarks within a Word document and Cells within an Excel spreadsheet and Page number in PDF document.Note: Word / Excel documents must be included within the document manager for this to... Read More
Sample Accounts 2018
Viewed 17287 times since Mon, Dec 7, 2015
This year we have continued to provide sample accounts for Australian entities to showcase the disclosures available within our financial reporting template. The entities that we have produced sample financial statements for are: Listed Single... Read More
How can I use Microsoft Excel to tidy my ASCII Text files?
Viewed 16742 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
A direct import from the client's accounting package into CaseWare is not always possible. Therefore, it may be necessary to import the trial balance using the ASCII text file method. It should always be possible to export your client&rsquo... Read More
How to Export Data from a Leadsheet into a Microsoft Excel file
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Within CaseWare Working Papers, Automatic Documents such as leadsheets are able to be exported into a Microsoft Excel file.Procedure:   Right click on the appropriate automatic document. From the 'Right-click' menus, select Save as >... Read More
How to delete Transactions entered into Trial Balance
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There are multiple ways to delete a Transaction that has been entered. Method 1 1. Open Trial Balance and select your relevant Transaction to delete by double clicking on it. You would be brought the Period Year Balances, where you can delete the... Read More
How to display the detail of any Adjusting Journal Entry in a Leadsheet
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The standard format of a Leadsheet contains all adjusting journal information as a total balance under the Adj's or Reclass columns. CaseWare Working Papers also gives you the ability to display the Adjusting journal entries detail within... Read More
How do I lock down or unlock a CaseWare file?
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Lock down allows the user to comply with the established standards governing the documentation an auditor should prepare and retain in connection with engagements such as audit of financial statements, audit of internal controls over financial... Read More
How to import Adjusting Entries into CaseWare
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Users now have the ability to import adjusting journals via the Import function.  Before we begin, it is important to note that you must have your journals divided into the following required and optional columns.    Required:  Journal Entry -... Read More
What is the CaseWare ’User List’?
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The CaseWare User List will display all users who are currently in the CaseWare engagement file. As users open and close the engagement  file, the user list will automatically refresh to add / remove users as necessary.  Note: The Status... Read More
How to add a Hyperlink Annotation Reference
Viewed 11953 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Procedure:  CaseWare Working Papers allows users to add a 'Hyperlink Reference' as an annotation.  Follow the steps below to add a hyperlink reference to an 'automatic document': Open the appropriate Automatic document (e.g... Read More
How to add / modify / remove Map Flip Settings
Viewed 11760 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
CaseWare templates are designed to automatically flip accounts to the opposite side of the ledger, based on their imported sign. For example, if cash at bank account was once credit in the prior year but is now a debit (bank overdraft) this... Read More
How to mark all immaterial accounts with one click?
Viewed 11503 times since Mon, Jun 23, 2014
To mark all immaterial accounts with one tick, follow the steps below: In the Trial Balance screen, single left-mouse click on the current year column heading. Highlight the immaterial accounts by clicking and dragging down the account number... Read More
How to remove all zero balance / unused accounts?
Viewed 11040 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
If you have accounts in an engagement file which have had no balances since the file was created, you can remove them easily.  Please follow the steps below to remove the zero balance accounts. Open the CaseWare Engagement File. Select Tools ... Read More
How to Export CaseWare Documents to a PDF/Excel Document
Viewed 10954 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
There are three methods available for the user to export documents to a non-CaseWare user for review.  Save as PDF File;  Save as Web Pages; or Save as Excel File. Save as PDF File The Save as PDF File feature converts a copy of the... Read More
How do I arrange the order of the groups displayed on Automatic documents?
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To arrange the order of the groups displayed on Automatic documents such as the Trial balance by leadsheet (i.e. 30-401): From the ribbon, select Engagement tab| in the Setup area | Grouping.   Click on any column heading until the triangle on... Read More
What are Placeholders?
Viewed 10171 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Placeholder is a feature that allows users to create placeholders entries on the Document Manager for external documents (including Word/Excel/File URL files) that do not currently exist in the engagement file. Placeholder entries allow firms or... Read More
How to use the Copy Components Feature
Viewed 10057 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Copy Components is a wizard that provides a step-by-step workflow for copying components from one template / engagement file into another. This wizard provides a clearer set of controls which allow the user to copy the entire template /... Read More
How to restore documents deleted from a SmartSync file
Viewed 9764 times since Thu, Aug 20, 2015
The Working Papers Recycle Bin is not available if you are using CaseWare Online (SmartSync). Therefore when a document is deleted from the document manager, it goes straight to the Windows Desktop Recycle Bin. Follow these steps for the... Read More
How to create Prior Year Adjusting Entries
Viewed 8634 times since Tue, Jun 17, 2014
Procedure:  Step 1: Open the 'Adjusting Journal Entries' screen. Step 2: Click the New Entry button to create a new 'Adjusting Journal Entry'. Step 3: Enter or select the appropriate prior year date from the Date picklist.... Read More
Why is my Trial balance balancing in Excel but not in CaseWare?
Viewed 8475 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
If your trial balance in Microsoft Excel is balancing well, but not in CaseWare it is likely that there are existing duplicated account numbers within your Excel Spreadsheet. CaseWare Working Papers will only allow unique account numbers to be... Read More
How do I display consolidated entities across the page?
Viewed 8473 times since Mon, Jun 23, 2014
In Automatic documents you are now able to format your Lead-sheets and analytical review type documents so they display the consolidated entities across the page. This will provide a format that presents the consolidated entity in one column and all... Read More
How to Display the Debit and Credit Columns in the Adjusting Entry Screen
Viewed 8368 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
CaseWare allows users to display the Debit and Credit columns as an alternate display when processing journals.Procedure: 1. Open the Adjusting Entries screen (Shortcut CTRL + J). 2. Click the Customize button towards the bottom of the screen. The... Read More
Best Practices on CaseWare QuickBooks Export Utility
Viewed 8141 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
In order to extract data from QuickBooks you need the CaseWare QuickBooks Export Utility which is included within the installation media. Note: It is important that you read the instructions carefully and also ensure the following points have... Read More
How can I Print Preview the Adjusting Journals in the Order they were Entered?
Viewed 8136 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Within CaseWare Working Papers, adjusting journal entries can also be print previewed / printed in the order they were entered.To change the order that adjusting journal entries are print previewed: Within Document Manager, scroll down to the... Read More
Complete Consolidation Guide
Viewed 7813 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Please open the document below to view instructions on how to create a consolidated file and how to prepare consolidated financial statements. Read More
What is the difference between Sign out and Check out?
Viewed 7791 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
The difference between Signing out and Checking out an engagement file is as follows:Sign out This feature allows the user to sign out a copy of the entire engagement file to a new location, leaving a read-only copy behind at the original... Read More
How do I Change the Colour of the Working Trial Balance?
Viewed 7755 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Users can change the colour scheme of the Working Trial Balance.To do this: From the Tools tab, select Options to display the 'Options' dialog. From the 'Properties' menu select General. From the 'Colour Scheme'... Read More
What are the practical issues when setting up a ’Half-yearly’ file in CaseWare?
Viewed 7642 times since Wed, May 7, 2014
Setting up a half- year file:Setting up a half-year CaseWare engagement file is the most crucial phase to ensure correct presentation of data.  In order to start using CaseWare / FinancialsIFRS to report half-yearly data, it is imperative that you... Read More
How to use the Time Tampering Cleaning Wizard
Viewed 7454 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
When the system clock is modified CaseWare will prompt the user with the Time Tampering Cleaning Wizard. To clean the time tampering you need to do the following: Ensure the system date has been restored to the correct date and time. Tick My date... Read More
How to get ’Elimination entries’ to appear in the lead schedules?
Viewed 7297 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Leadsheets in CaseWare display the Normal and Reclassification adjusting journals by default. For a Consolidation engagement file you may wish to show the Eliminating adjustments. Follow the steps below to achieve this: Open the Document... Read More
How to Roll Forward Documents as Placeholders
Viewed 7260 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
As part of the Year-End Close process, document placeholders can be created for documents that users do not want to have rolled forward as the same document as last year; but want a placeholder for the document to remain so that all cross... Read More
How to Roll Forward a Consolidation file
Viewed 7191 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Once an engagement with a Consolidated Entity has been completed, the next step would be to roll forward the Consolidation File.  The correct way to roll forward a consolidation entity is following the process below: 1. Roll forward all the... Read More
How to Create Split-up Accounts in the Working Trial Balance
Viewed 7164 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Working Papers allows you to split up accounts on the trial balance (e.g. breaking up a client account such as, Property Plant and Equipment into sub-accounts such as Land and Buildings, Motor Vehicles, etc).  Procedure: 1. On the Navigation... Read More
How to create customised Annotating Tickmarks
Viewed 6891 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
To create customised tickmarks for annotating, follow the procedure below: 1. Open CaseWare Working Papers engagement file. 2. From the ribbon, select Engagement | in the Setup area | Tickmarks. 3. Position the insertion point where you want... Read More
How do I set up a CaseWare Consolidation File?
Viewed 6699 times since Wed, May 7, 2014
This Tip Vid explains the two different options in creating a consolidation file in CaseWare:  Option 1: One CaseWare Engagement File Option 2: Multiple CaseWare Engagement Files View FAQ 595: Consolidation Methods to identify the advantages... Read More
How to create new accounts in CaseWare’s Working Trial Balance
Viewed 6492 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
In addition to the import of a client’s trial balance, it is possible to create additional accounts to the Working Trial Balance. Procedure: On the Navigation Toolbar click Trial Balance. This will open the Working Trial Balance. Click... Read More
How can I view the History of Adjusting Journal Entries?
Viewed 6234 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Within CaseWare Working Papers, the 'Adjusting Journal Entries' screen contains a History button, which allows the user to view information regarding created, deleted and renumbered adjusting journal entries.To view the history of... Read More
How can I link/add Issues to my Working Trial Balance?
Viewed 6102 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Follow the steps below to add a Line Issue to a Working Trial Balance account: Open the Working Trial Balance (CTRL W). Locate the appropriate account and right-click on the account line. From the right-click menu, select Add Line issue. In the... Read More
How to Create a Calculated Adjusting Entry
Viewed 5958 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
CaseWare Working Papers enables you to create an adjustment where the balance is the result of a calculation rather than an entered value. This enables you to create referenced journal entry amounts that draw on existing values in other accounts to... Read More
What are the current release versions distributed by CaseWare A&NZ?
Viewed 5927 times since Mon, Jun 23, 2014
The following release versions are currently distributed by CaseWare A&NZ: CaseWare Working Papers 2017.00.225  CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync 2016.00.136 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync Server 2016.00.115 CaseWare Connector 2017... Read More
How to Create your own / user defined Leadsheet
Viewed 5751 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
By default, all leadsheets show Current Year (CY) and Prior Year (PY) figures. This can be changed to show different balances by changing the following options: Right-click on the leadsheet and click Properties. Select the Balances drop... Read More
How to create a back-up of a CaseWare File
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Important: It is recommended that engagement files are backed-up regularly, especially: When working at a client site. Working on an only copy of the engagement (e.g. Network). Before performing a major change, such as an import or update of a file... Read More
Error: Potential file corruption when using Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008 with SMB2
Viewed 5551 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
IMPORTANT!If you are using Windows 7 with CaseWare Working Papers, please refer this FAQ to your IT department.Microsoft has acknowledged that the Server Message Block version 2 (SMB2) protocol may cause stability problems with applications such as... Read More
The difference between "Delete Synchronized Copy" and "Abandon Synchronized copies"
Viewed 5459 times since Tue, Oct 7, 2014
Delete Synchronised Copy This function is used when you want to delete your child copy from your computer instead of Windows explorer.  From the ribbon, select the Cloud tab | in the Delete area | Delete Copy.     Abandon Synchronised Copy This... Read More
Why can’t I see certain documents on my Document Manager?
Viewed 5418 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Documents may no longer appear on the document manager if a user has applied a Document filter.For example, in the image below we can see a representation of a document manager with no filter. However, if we look at the same document manager... Read More
How to set up Engagement Properties for Planning Balances
Viewed 5368 times since Wed, May 7, 2014
In some instances, an auditor may want to import interim or planning balances into an engagement file prior to year-end, in order to conduct interim audit procedures.  CaseWare, in conjunction with the Audit System template allows users to import... Read More
What are Document Tabs in CaseWare Working papers?
Viewed 5115 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
The Document Tabs are the tabs appearing towards the bottom of your Document Manager / CaseView document. The Document Tabs are included in both CaseWare Working Papers and CaseView to provide users with the ability to quickly switch... Read More
How to Undo a Checked-out File
Viewed 5098 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
If a user encounters a problem checking an engagement file back into the master copy, they can undo the check-out which will reinstate either the Master file or the Checked out copy to its original state. Undoing a check out can be done by... Read More
How to add Annotations, Tickmarks, Notes or References to an Automatic Document
Viewed 5057 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Multiple types of annotations can be assigned to line items within a CaseWare Automatic Document. This allows you to keep track of your engagements more effectively, and annotate any issues encountered. Procedure:  Open the relevant Automatic... Read More
How to abandon Synchronised Child Copies of Published Files
Viewed 5033 times since Fri, Jul 4, 2014
 This FAQ and feature mentioned is only available for engagement files that are published onto Smart Sync Servers, or CaseWare Cloud that engages in multiple child copies to complete the engagement. When working on a published engagement file in... Read More
How to Add a Reference to a Procedure within an Audit Program
Viewed 4713 times since Tue, Jun 17, 2014
A 'manual reference' and/or a 'document reference' can be added to any procedure within the Audit Program.To add a reference to a procedure, open the Audit Program and complete the following steps: Click anywhere in the row that... Read More
How to create a Combined Audit and Financials Engagement File
Viewed 4688 times since Thu, May 8, 2014
To create a combined Audit and Financial Engagement File, follow the steps below. Prerequisites: A combined file can only be created if both the Audit Systems and Financial IFRS templates are installed. Audit Systems Template Financials IFRS... Read More
Year-end close vs new file based on existing/Client data
Viewed 4672 times since Tue, Feb 17, 2015
Performing a Year-end closeAfter completing the financial year, Working Papers provide a means to close a file to the next year. Working Papers rolls forward the current file’s closing balance to create the opening balance for the new file. If... Read More
How to setup Recurring Adjusting Journal Entries
Viewed 4419 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
CaseWare allows the user to set up adjusting journal entries as recurring entries.  This is useful for adjusting entries that are likely to occur in future years. To setup a recurring adjusting entry, follow the steps below: Open the appropriate... Read More
Database Definitions
Viewed 4358 times since Tue, Jun 17, 2014
All engagement files in  CaseWare  must contain each of the Database files below. If one or more of the following files are missing it could impact the integrity of the engagement: Database Files   Definitions <File Name> AC.dbf -... Read More
Displaying credit balances on leadsheets as positive amounts
Viewed 4206 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
On leadsheets, accounts with a debit balance display as positive numbers and accounts with credit balances display as negative numbers. It is possible to change this so that all balances are displayed as positive numbers.  To do this, for each... Read More
Why are my annotation controls greyed out in my Leadsheet?
Viewed 4098 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
If a user tries to annotate an automatic document whilst in Consolidated View, the options will appear greyed out. This is because annotations can only be applied to documents that are not in Consolidated view.Follow the steps below to turn off... Read More
How to Scan an image into Working Papers
Viewed 3947 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
It is possible to scan documents and insert them into the document manager. The images can be saved in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PDF, or TIFF formats. An image can be shown in an external viewer, such as Microsoft Paint or CaseWare's internal image... Read More
How to view my CaseWare Template
Viewed 3937 times since Tue, Jun 17, 2014
Every so often, you may need to access our CaseWare Templates to view and assess the types of documents in it. To do so, follow the procedure below: From the Tools tab, select Templates. The 'Templates' screen will appear. Select the... Read More
Share SmartSync CaseWare files to other firms using CaseWare
Viewed 3909 times since Mon, Aug 18, 2014
CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync engagement files that are published to your server or Cloud can be shared between firms who subscribe to the software.  To share a CaseWare file with another firm, you would need to send the filer without the sync... Read More
How to Export and Merge Documents into a PDF Document
Viewed 3891 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
When performing interim or planning procedures in a CaseWare engagement file, users have the option to import a trial balance for that interim period (i.e. less that 12 months of data).  Therefore all leadsheets, trial balance and analytical... Read More
How can I tell what type of engagement my CaseWare file is?
Viewed 3842 times since Mon, Jun 23, 2014
As engagement files roll forward from year-to-year it can sometimes become a challenge for new users to identify what type of CaseWare file they are working on. It is important that any user who is updating engagement files understand what type of... Read More
How to retain Document References on a Roll Forward
Viewed 3831 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
CaseWare Working Papers allows users to roll forward their Document References into next year’s file. This saves re-referencing in the new year’s file and can be particularly useful if also rolling forward external documents as... Read More
How to clear my recent list items from the Working Papers welcome screen
Viewed 3593 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Working Papers can display up to a maximum of 10 recently opened files.To clear the recent list: From the ribbon, select Tools | Options > General.  Click the Clear button. Read More
Can Leadsheets compare to the preceding period in a Half-yearly file?
Viewed 3511 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
This FAQ illustrates the process of setting up Leadsheets, to compare the Current and preceding periods, in a Half-yearly file. Note: For the half-yearly component to work in CaseWare, it requires the data has been imported correctly into the... Read More
How to set thresholds in Variance Reports
Viewed 3440 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Within both the Financials and Audit System templates, the following two variance reports are available: 30-402:  Variance Report - by account number 30-403:  Variance Report - by leadsheet Users can access the properties of these documents and... Read More
Best Practices for CaseWare Working Papers
Viewed 3424 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
The attached document covers the best practices whilst using CaseWare Smart Sync Working Papers and its relevant Audit System/Financial IFRS Templates. It covers the basic file management practices. It is strongly encouraged that all users... Read More
How do I print a list of all my Documents from my Document Manager?
Viewed 3397 times since Mon, Jun 5, 2017
To get a list of all your Documents in your engagement file and its sign-offs, follow the steps below. 1. In the CaseWare ribbon, select the Home tab | from the Insert area > Automatic Document.  2. Select Document Manager as your type... Read More
How to use ’Split up accounts’ after a Year End Close
Viewed 3290 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
This FAQ explains the correct procedure using Split-up Accounts after a Year End Close has been performed and once the current year balances have been imported into the engagement file. Before a Roll ForwardBefore an engagement file is rolled... Read More
How do Issues work in CaseWare Working Papers?
Viewed 3281 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
The Issue feature in CaseWare Working Papers has three stages: Creating the issue Resolving the issue Clearing the issue Note: Only the user who creates the issue can clear the issue. Only the user who is assigned the issue can resolve... Read More
How to Create / Edit a New / Existing Document Filter in CaseWare?
Viewed 3276 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
CaseWare Working Papers allows users to create their own Document Filters using the Filter Manager.Follow the steps below to create a new filter: In the Document Manager, click View | Filter By. Select the Filter Manager.  Click the New... Read More
How do I create an Issue or a review point in my engagement file?
Viewed 3241 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Issues (or review points) are invaluable when using CaseWare Working Papers for Audit engagements and/or Financial Statements preparation.They have been designed as an interface for users to track (electronically) important considerations,... Read More
What fields can be ignored in the Engagement Properties ’Name/Address’ screen?
Viewed 3225 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
The Engagement Properties provides information about the client that is pertinent to the functioning of the engagement file. However not all fields are required to be filled out by the user.Below are the required fields for all engagement files: ... Read More
Why Aren’t Adjusting Entries Flowing through from the Entity File to the Consolidation File?
Viewed 3209 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
To ensure that 'Adjusting Journal Entries' flow through from the entity file to the consolidation file, the reporting date properties need to be the same in both engagement files.To access the reporting date properties, complete the... Read More
How to add a Working Papers document Saved as PDF format to the Document Manager
Viewed 3170 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Within CaseWare Working Papers, the 'Save As PDF' feature allows for any CaseWare document that is saved in pdf format, to be automatically added to Document Manager.To do this: Right click on the appropriate document, and select Save... Read More
How to use the Fold line in the Working Trial Balance
Viewed 3167 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
A freeze pane feature similar to Microsoft Excel can be activated in CaseWare Working Papers using the "Fold" option to ease the scrolling in the "Trial Balance" tab.  For example, this option will keep the columns "Account No" and "Name" in... Read More
What is Smart auto-generate?
Viewed 3164 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Previously, when generating a set of accounts for the first time in the Financials template, a default set of notes were generated based on the entity type selected. Now, with Smart Auto Generate, an extra filter has been added to check if the note... Read More
Can I include Sub Folders in the Backup File?
Viewed 3086 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
Within CaseWare Working Papers, the backup feature allows the inclusion of sub folders.To create a backup of an engagement file, refer to the related article: 'How do I create a back-up of a CaseWare file?'To include sub folders within... Read More
How do I download my Confirmation reports into CaseWare Working Papers?
Viewed 3083 times since Fri, May 22, 2015
CaseWare Working Papers can allow you to download reports from directly into your engagement file. These are the recommended steps:  Go to the document manager, select the location where you want to save your confirmation report ... Read More
How to use the ’Autofill now’ Feature
Viewed 3076 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
When a map number is assigned to an account, the properties of the account will be automatically filled out. The Autofill Now button will auto fill all mapped accounts with the correct mapping database values. This can be a very useful tool to use... Read More
How to customise the ’Layout’ within an Issue Type
Viewed 3075 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Users can customise the layout of the Issues dialog for individual issue types. This allows users to determine the fields available in the dialog. Follow the steps below to customise a an issue type Layout: Open the Issue Pane by clicking... Read More
What is meant by ’Fully Completed Documents’ in CaseWare?
Viewed 3067 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Fully Completed Documents in CaseWare Working Papers indicates documents that have had all valid sign-off levels completed. Read More
Data Store
Viewed 3033 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
The data stores are no longer created through Tools | Options | Data Store in CaseWare and are now created and configured using the new Data Store Administration Tool which requires a separate installation. Please refer to CaseWare Working... Read More
How do I ’Find’ Mapping Numbers in the ’Assign Mapping Number’ screen?
Viewed 2959 times since Wed, Jun 18, 2014
When assigning mapping numbers (from Account | Assign Mappings), it is possible to do a search for a particular mapping number or name. To do so: Right-mouse click and choose Find (or press Ctrl+F on the keyboard). Enter the mapping number... Read More
How to hide Columns in a Leadsheet
Viewed 2922 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
To hide column(s) in a leadsheet: Right click on the column you wish to hide, for example Annotation column. Select Hide Annotation. If you wish to unhide the column, Press F12 to restore the column or right click and select Restore Columns. Read More
Issues - What is the difference between Cleared and Completed?
Viewed 2903 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Issues are resolved by the assigned audit team member(s) and then cleared by the issue owner (creator).Process of an Issue: Issue is raised by the audit team member (typically the manager). When the issue is created the creator will then assign... Read More
How to Bulk Delete External Documents in the Document Manager
Viewed 2896 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
To delete external documents that are in the engagement file directory, but not in the Document Manager:  From the menus, select Tools | Maintenance.  Tick Manage Document Links and click Next. Click + to see a list of all documents that... Read More
How do I customise the Issues pane?
Viewed 2876 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Issues can be created and assigned to any document in the CaseWare file.  Once created, all issues are listed in the issues pane, which can be viewed by selecting the Issues button  on the navigation toolbar.This issues pane can then be... Read More
How to Delete and Clear Multiple Issues at a time
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Users have the ability to clear or delete multiple issues at once.  Procedure: Open the Issues pane from the 'Navigation Toolbar'. Select  single issue or use the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple issues.  To Delete: Use... Read More
What is the difference between ’Sign Out’ and ’Check Out’?
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Sign out/Sign in Allows you to copy the entire engagement file to your local computer leaving a read only copy on the network drive.  1. On the Engagement ribbon, click Sign Out. 2. Select your sign out location, and click Sign Out.    ... Read More
How to convert multiple CaseWare Documents into a single PDF File
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Multiple documents with an engagement file can be combined and exported into a single pdf file.Follow the procedures below to do this: From the 'CaseWare ribbon', select Engagement tab | in the Data area | Export > Batch PDF to... Read More
How do I drill down to the adjusting journal detail within an Automatic Document?
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Users are able to drill down to the detail of their adjusting journals within a most automatic documents.Follow the steps below to achieve this: Open the appropriate Automatic document. Do any of the following to one of the listed client account –... Read More
How can I Select the Worksheet in my Excel file that contains the Import Data?
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Import data within an excel file does not needs to reside within the first worksheet,CaseWare allows the user to select any worksheet from the import screen.To select any worksheet: From the Engagement tab, select Import > Excel to display ... Read More
Tip Vid - How do I prepare and execute an Interim Engagement File?
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Interim Engagement files allows the user to import interim balances and compare each account's interim balance with the year-to-date balance in the Leadsheets. To achieve this, the engagement file must be setup appropriately in the following... Read More
How to Customise Roles
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Each role in CaseWare (i.e. Auditors and partners) can have a customised description and a unique colour assigned to it. To customise a role, complete the following steps: From the Tools tab, select Options to display the 'Options'... Read More
CaseWare File Length Restrictions
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Symptom: A CaseWare Working Papers engagement file fails to open or crashes during the opening process. Cause: The Microsoft operating system has a limit to the length of the path that it can process. The full path description includes the network... Read More
Can I have multiple versions of Working papers installed?
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It recommended to only have one version of CaseWare Working Papers installed on a computer.Follow the steps below to check how many versions are installed on your PC / Registry: Open Control Panel | Programs > Programs and Features.... Read More
How to Re-insert Control Documents documents from an Engagement File
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Control documents are required in all Audit and/or Financials engagements.If the Control Documents are missing, users may face issues with template functionality and updates. The Control Documents can be reinserted back into the engagement file... Read More
Best Practices when Modifying Unrecorded Adjustments
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All unrecorded proposed entries appear in the 30-305 Schedule of unders and overs document. Once the journals have been reviewed the user should either delete the unrecorded adjustments, or modify them to be Normal adjustments (as advised by... Read More
How to perform Multiple Check-outs with no Network Connection
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It is possible to use the Check In / Check Out feature of CaseWare without a Network Connection. In order to achieve this the user must follow the steps below: Create the IDs for all users that will be working on the engagement file (If using... Read More
How to only Display All Incomplete Documents within the Document Manager
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To display only those documents that have not been signed off for every role, open 'Document Manager' and complete the following step: 1. From the View tab, select Filter By > Uncompleted Documents.   Read More
Where do I post my Half-Yearly Adjusting Entries?
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It is very important that adjusting entries are posted to the correct period. Adjustments which are posted to the incorrect period can cause inaccurate/inconsistent information. Adjusting Entries should always be posted to the period that is... Read More
How to Display All Documents within Each Folder of Document Manager
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Procedure: 1. Open 'Document Manager'.2. Right click on any folder and select Expand All Folders.3. To close/collapse all of the folders in 'Document Manager', complete the following step:4. Right click on any folder and select... Read More
How do I repair image annotation positions?
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When an image document is viewed on different workstations, annotations may appear to move to new positions.  Solution: To repair this issue open an affected client file and press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F9. An Image Annotation Repair dialog will appear.... Read More
How to use the ’Freeze’ Feature in CaseWare’s Automatic Document
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CaseWare Working Papers allows you to freeze the column headings, or the entirety of the header information, while scrolling through an automatic document.  To apply the appropriate freeze option: Open the relevant automatic document. Right click... Read More
How do I display the Document Manager Modified column?
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The Document Manager contains a new column for modified dates which displays the dates that a document was last modified on.Follow the steps below to display the Modified column. Open your Document Manager. Right-click the Document Manager Header... Read More
How to Ensure Journal Entries are always in Balance
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Working Papers does allow for one sided journal entries to be processed.To prevent this from happening, complete the following steps: From the Tools tab, select Options to display the 'Options' dialog. From the 'Properties'... Read More
How to embed linked documents into the client directory?
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This FAQ illustrates a feature which copies externally linked documents on the Document Manager into the client directory. Please follow the steps below to achieve this: From the Tools tab, select Maintenance. The 'Maintenance Wizard'... Read More
Why Shouldn’t I use USB’s to manage my CaseWare files?
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Clients are heavily cautioned about using USB flash memory sticks to share access to CaseWare files in multi-user mode.USB devices have a short lifespan and have write limits that are often not enough to cater for a CaseWare engagement file -... Read More
How can I Identify invalid sign offs after enabling Role dependencies?
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If a Role dependency is enabled after a Document Manager has been partly completed, it may identify some invalid sign-offs.  Scenario 1: If a role has been signed off while its required role has not. After activating role dependencies, these... Read More
How to track changes after an engagement file has been reviewed?
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The reviewer has the ability to track any changes made to an engagement file by using milestone sets.A milestone set can be created at the end of any review process, which can then be compared against to check if any changes have occurred since... Read More
Can I save more than one backup to the same folder?
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Users are able to save as many backup files as they want into the same folder. Each back-up CaseWare file receives the date and time contained within the folder name. Read More
How to Exclude Annotations and Commentary Text from printing
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Automatic documents can be printed without including annotations, commentary, and the annotation column.To do this: Select the automatic document to be printed. From the Document tab, select Print to display the 'Print' dialog Tick the... Read More
How to display information using Map No’s on an Automatic Document
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Procedure: Within Document Manager, click on the folder that the Automatic Document will be assigned to. From the ribbon, select Home tab | in the Insert area | Automatic Document  to display the 'New Automatic Document' dialog In the ... Read More
CaseWare Customer Conference 2016
Viewed 1870 times since Fri, Nov 18, 2016
This FAQ provides access to slide packs and the reference materials available at the 2016 CaseWare Customer conference, Melbourne and Sydney. These slides have been written by our presenters specifically for CaseWare Customers who attended the... Read More
How do I backup a SmartSync Child copy?
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Backups of CaseWare engagement files are strongly recommended if a user is not able to sync back to the Parent or other Child copies. To create backup of the SmartSync Child copy: From the ‘CaseWare’ menu select File | Back Up to display... Read More
Mapping source is missing
Viewed 1519 times since Wed, Aug 31, 2016
Mapping Source Missing The error message means the mapping structure in your engagement file currently contains incorrect template information. You will need to replace the mapping structure in your engagement file by following the steps below. ... Read More
Selecting Multiple Items to Roll Forward
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If there are multiple but not all documents to lock down, the most efficient way is to select them using the Lock Down column. 1. In your Document Manager, right click at the Title Row, select Show and Roll Forward. 2. A Roll Forward column... Read More
How to Create/flag an Issue in CaseWare
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Issues are a very powerful tool when using CaseWare Working Papers for Audit.They are an invaluable feature which tracks (electronically) any further work needed to be conducted on the engagement file.Issues can be assigned to any of the... Read More
How is the ’Status’ calculated within CaseWare Q?
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The firm selects which statuses are applicable and should be tracked firm wide. For each status the firm specifies when this status is achieved by selecting one or multiple documents and the event that indicates that the status has been achieved. As... Read More
Why is my Financial Statement not synchronising any changes automatically?
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If your financial statement is the only document not synchronising any changes made between you and your colleagues, it is likely that the settings on your financial statements are not made to sync automatically. To set it to sync automatically,... Read More
Why passing a one sided adjustments can be riskier to your engagement file?
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The option for passing a one-sided adjustment can be tempting. This can happen in a case where the auditor have identified a material variance in one financial statement area but not in a position to ascertain the other financial area which is... Read More