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How to restore documents deleted from a SmartSync file
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The Working Papers Recycle Bin is not available if you are using CaseWare Online (SmartSync). Therefore when a document is deleted from the document manager, it goes straight to the Windows Desktop Recycle Bin. Follow these steps for the... Read More
The difference between "Delete Synchronized Copy" and "Abandon Synchronized copies"
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Delete Synchronised Copy This function is used when you want to delete your child copy from your computer instead of Windows explorer.  From the ribbon, select the Cloud tab | in the Delete area | Delete Copy.     Abandon Synchronised Copy This... Read More
How to abandon Synchronised Child Copies of Published Files
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 This FAQ and feature mentioned is only available for engagement files that are published onto Smart Sync Servers, or CaseWare Cloud that engages in multiple child copies to complete the engagement. When working on a published engagement file in... Read More
Share SmartSync CaseWare files to other firms using CaseWare
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CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync engagement files that are published to your server or Cloud can be shared between firms who subscribe to the software.  To share a CaseWare file with another firm, you would need to send the filer without the sync... Read More
How to download CaseWare files from the Cloud
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Downloading CaseWare files from the cloud From time to time, or as part of your workflow, you will need to download CaseWare files from the Cloud to your local backup. The goal is to create a stand alone snapshot of the CaseWare file in your local... Read More
Where is my CaseWare Cloud data stored?
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CaseWare Cloud data storage, backup and archive location information. The servers for Australian and New Zealand customers of CaseWare Cloud are hosted by Amazon in Australia. CaseWare Cloud data (Cloud | Collaborate | SMSF Audit) is backed up and... Read More
Updating SmartSync Child Copies
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Our recommendation is to update the engagement file to Audit System version 19 or FinancialsIFRS version 15 prior to publishing the file to CaseWare Cloud or the local SmartSync server. These are the additional steps to update the engagement file... Read More
How to Integrate your Working Papers with Cloud
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The following process of migrating CaseWare engagement files to the cloud should only be performed on new files or engagement files that have been rolled over into the new file. By integrating your CaseWare engagement files with their... Read More
How to publish Engagement Files to CaseWare Cloud/Smart Sync Server
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 For Firms using Working Papers SmartSync, publishing files to Cloud are the same as publishing files to a SmartSync Server. Cloud can store the parent file and users can subsequently create sync copies from it.   Prerequisites Before publishing... Read More
CaseWare Cloud 25
Viewed 2096 times since Tue, Jul 18, 2017
CaseWare Cloud 25 Features For more details please refer to CaseWare Cloud 25 release notes. MyCaseWare licensing and billing portal CaseWare Cloud Client Portal - Quick Guide   Questions from Webinar Can we remove user using MyCaseWare ?... Read More
Best Practices for managing CaseWare Engagements in Cloud
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Preparation Before we can use the files view to manage the engagement, we will need to do some groundwork on the Cloud and CaseWare files.   Entities You will need to create a separate entity on the Cloud for each individual audit engagement. For... Read More
Search CaseWare Cloud by User
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Procedure: When searching in CaseWare Cloud, an alternate option to utilise in the Search Bar is to search for a user. Searching for a user will filter out all Activities or Files the user has been involved in. For example, looking up a file... Read More
Getting Started - Managing your CaseWare Cloud Licenses
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Managing your CaseWare Cloud Subscriptions and Purchases For Cloud, both subscriptions and apps can be purchased directly using a self-checkout system. For every Cloud subscription you purchase, you will be able to create an additional staff account.... Read More
What permissions does each Staff and Contact Role give in CaseWare Cloud?
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Different roles given to Staff and Contacts in CaseWare Cloud have different permissions. The table below lists the scope of these permissions allocated to the different roles.   View FAQ 584 to obtain a guide on how to change a staff member&... Read More
How to assign roles/permissions to Staff members in CaseWare Cloud?
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Prerequisite: In order to add/remove permissions to other staff users in CaseWare Cloud,  you will need to be a CaseWare Cloud Administrator.  Procedure:  1. From the Cloud Menu, select Staff. 2. Select the staff member you wish to add/remove... Read More
CaseWare Cloud Security Questions
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CaseWare Cloud is a secure online platform that allows you to take your Working Papers engagements online, offering unprecedented collaboration between audit team members, regardless of their geographic location – anytime, anywhere. Work online... Read More
How to deactivate/delete staff members in CaseWare Cloud
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How to deactivate/delete staff members in CaseWare Cloud Deactivating a user prevents them from logging into Cloud, but keeps their profile in the system and preserves their files, activities and discussions. You may want to deactivate a user if they... Read More
How to create an account for staff or contacts in CaseWare Cloud
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Creating an account You can add Staff or Contact users from the Staff or Contacts page. The page procedure for both user types is the same.  1. Ensure that you have the Staff Admin role or equivalent rights. 2. From the Cloud menu, select... Read More
How do I reset existing Contact’s Passwords in CaseWare Cloud?
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When creating new contacts, staff members with “Staff Admin” rights will have the ability to set up a new password for them.  To understand what permissions does each role in CaseWare Cloud provides, please look at FAQ583. However, once the... Read More
Error: "Cannot delete entity. Entity has time or expense entries."
Viewed 1487 times since Fri, Jun 23, 2017
Procedure:  If you are receiving this error message when deleting an entity or staff in CaseWare Cloud, it means there are existing time or expense entries recorded. 1. To disable the time and expense tracking, go to Firm Settings and disable the... Read More
CaseWareCloud Analytics
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What’s the latest on CaseWare Analytics?  We’re developing CaseWareCloud Analytics™ which will be released later this year, specifically for use with CaseWare Online. Designed as a ‘plug and play’ analytical solution for... Read More
CaseWare Cloud Advanced Securities
Viewed 1351 times since Fri, Jan 27, 2017
CaseWare Cloud Advanced Security allows you to set up granular security in the CaseWareWorking Papers engagement file. Some of the security elements are: Who can import and map the accounts Who can post adjustment journal Who can modify the... Read More
CaseWare Cloud - Getting Started Guide
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Introduction CaseWare Cloud is a web service for managing your organisation and workflows. Its features and apps combine to provide a convenient centralised solution for management of both your firm and your engagements. Cloud can integrate with... Read More
Getting Started - Integrating and Publishing Files to Cloud
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CaseWare Cloud is a platform that introduces many of your favourite Working Papers features such as web services; available on demand from your preferred device or computer. Cloud can help you organise your engagements and simplify collaboration... Read More
How to create staff or contact groups
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User groups are a key aspect of organizing your firm in Cloud. Having users assigned to either contact groups or staff groups enables you to change multiple users’ properties simultaneously. These properties include what apps users can... Read More
How do I customise/turn off Global Notifications in Cloud?
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Procedure: Step 1: Click on your username at the top right-hand side of your screen, and select Settings.   Step 2: From the Global Notifications tab, customise/turn off your "Delete" and "Share" notifications by clicking on the ticks.  ... Read More
How do I change the Time Format in Cloud?
Viewed 737 times since Mon, Jul 24, 2017
Procedure: Step 1: Click on the Cloud Button at the top left, and select Firm Settings. Note: Your CaseWare Cloud Firm Administrator would have access to Firm Settings. Please have your administrator to perform this procedure. Step 2: From the... Read More