Asset Accountant Articles
How do I Create a Fixed Asset Register?
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To create a new fixed asset register in Asset Accountant: Double click the Asset Accountant icon to launch software. The Start up screen will appear. Click Create New. The New 'Register dialog' will appear. Using the Browse... Read More
What is Asset Accountant?
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Asset Accountant is a fixed asset register which is designed to manage fixed and leased assets for both accounting and taxation purposes:   calculating depreciation. calculating gain/loss on a sale. calculating monthly lease and hire purchase... Read More
AssetAccountant Execute Command Error -2147467259
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AssetAccountant Execute Command Error -2147467259 will occur if: The AssetAccountant Register’s folder properties are read-only; or The user is trying to access / write to a folder which they do not have the required windows permissions. ... Read More
Where can I find the AssetAccountant user manual?
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The AssetAccountant user manual is installed with the software.The manual can be found under: C:\Program Files\Lunic Software\AssetAccountant\AssetAccountant.PDF - for 32 bit Operating Systems C:\Program Files (x86)\Lunic... Read More
AssetAccountant Release Update Download Instructions
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The attached PDF document includes the necessary instructions for downloading the AssetAccountant update. Read More
Does AssetAccountant work on a 64 bit version of Windows?
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AssetAccountant version 3.0.1 works with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.Users requiring 64 bit versions before the next update should contact support. Read More
How do I modify asset data options in AssetAccountant?
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Asset Accountant allows users to turn various data options on and off (e.g. CGT, leases, etc.) using the Setup Options. The Setup Options (or System Options) always opens when a new register is created.                     ... Read More
AssetAccountant Release Notes
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The attached PDF document provides details of the new features and issues resolved in the latest version of AssetAccountant. Read More
What is the Investment Tax Break Report in Asset Accountant?
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A new report has been added to aid in the preparation of the claim for the Investment Tax Break. The report can be either printed or exported to Excel.  Note: that the report will list all assets that are installed and ready for use in the... Read More