CaseWare Connector Articles
What are the current release versions distributed by CaseWare A&NZ?
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The following release versions are currently distributed by CaseWare A&NZ: CaseWare Working Papers 2017.00.225  CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync 2016.00.136 CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync Server 2016.00.115 CaseWare Connector 2017... Read More
What is ’CaseWare Connector’?
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CaseWare Connector is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-in from CaseWare. CaseWare Connector is able to provide real time data from CaseWare Working Papers directly to Excel worksheet with out the need to copy and paste the values. CaseWare Connector... Read More
CaseWare Connector: Unlinking and Relinking Documents
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Opening a Word/Excel document that is linked via Connector to an engagement file on a computer that does not have Connector installed, may corrupt the document.To avoid this situation, Connector has an option whereby the document can be unlinked... Read More
How to reference the ABN number using Connector
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CaseWare Connector allows users to connect to most of the Engagement Properties' fields in CaseWare Working Papers.However, one field is currently not available to select in CaseWare Connector, is the E.I.N / BN field. This field is used... Read More
Is CaseWare Connector compatible with Microsoft Office 2010?
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Please refer to CaseWare International's website below for information regarding CaseWare Connector and Office 2010:    CaseWare Connector System Requirements Click Here Read More