3rd Party Software Compatibility Articles
How can I improve the performance of CaseView / CaseWare Working Papers?
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When applications crash or exit abnormally the Windows temp folder can get clogged with left over tmp & bmp files.  These left over files can cause CaseView to run slowly. In some tests, after clearing the Windows temp folder, opening a... Read More
What are ’CaseWare Working Papers’ system requirements?
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Please refer to CaseWare International's website for system requirements: http://www.caseware.com/support/working-papers#_sysreq     Read More
Why is the PDF / Image files not working properly when using CaseWare’s Internal Viewer?
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Note: The internal image viewer uses third party software which needs to be considered when trouble shooting. Some issues you may come across are: Tickmarks / References and other annotations not staying in the same place for other users PDF /... Read More
How do I download my Confirmation reports into CaseWare Working Papers?
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CaseWare Working Papers can allow you to download reports from Confirmation.com directly into your engagement file. These are the recommended steps:  Go to the document manager, select the location where you want to save your confirmation report ... Read More
Can DropBox be integrated with CaseWare?
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Can DropBox be integrated with CaseWare? CaseWare Australia & New Zealand do not specifically recommend or support using Working Papers with DropBox as it has not been tested enough by CaseWare nor does DropBox have any specific integration... Read More
How can I create new CaseWare libraries in Windows 7?
Viewed 1942 times since Mon, May 19, 2014
The recent release of Windows 7 introduced us to ‘Libraries’, which have replaced the ‘My Documents’ folder in earlier Windows versions. Libraries are a content management tool that acts as shortcuts to a collection of folders... Read More
How can I use the ’Windows 7’ task bar to quickly open recent CaseWare files?
Viewed 1925 times since Mon, May 19, 2014
Windows 7 gives users the ability to launch recent files by right-clicking the application on the task bar.Follow the steps below to achieve this: Locate CaseWare Working Papers on the Windows 7 task bar. Right-click the application and select... Read More