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Tip: How to better navigate around my CaseView Documents
Viewed 2299 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
The Document Map provides a fast navigation tool for CaseView documents.To view the Document Map: Open the relevant CaseView document (e.g. Financial Statements, Audit Programs/Checklists) From the 'CaseView Ribbon' select View tab| in... Read More
Retrieving Corrupt CaseView Documents
Viewed 2196 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
Is it possible to retrieve a copy of a CaseView document if it is overwritten erroneously during a copy template or if it has become corrupt? Solution: Please use these instructions with the help of an IT administrator to prevent data loss In the... Read More
How to activate CaseView to Full Screen Mode
Viewed 2133 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
CaseView has the ability to present the document in full-screen mode. While in full screen, the toolbars at the top of the screen and the status bar below are hidden from view. 131_Image2.pngHowever, the CaseView menus are still accessible by... Read More
How to split the CaseView Screen
Viewed 1981 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
In CaseView, you have the ability to split the screen horizontally and vertically. This is particularly useful when cross comparing information or for long and wide tables. Procedure: Step 1: To split the screen, select  View | Split... Read More
How to Highlight all Issues Assigned
Viewed 1860 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
Users are able to highlight all cells with assigned Issues within a CaseView Document. If we use the Independence Questionnaire document as an example, users are expected to add issues (to the appropriate cell) for any question they answer Yes to... Read More