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How to Roll Forward an Engagement File
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Note: There is only one correct way to roll forward an engagement file (whether it is an audit or financials file).Procedure: 1. From the Engagement tab, select Year End Close to display the "Year End Close and Roll Forward" dialog.  2.... Read More
Year-end close vs new file based on existing/Client data
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Performing a Year-end closeAfter completing the financial year, Working Papers provide a means to close a file to the next year. Working Papers rolls forward the current file’s closing balance to create the opening balance for the new file. If... Read More
Why Aren’t Adjusting Entries Flowing through from the Entity File to the Consolidation File?
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To ensure that 'Adjusting Journal Entries' flow through from the entity file to the consolidation file, the reporting date properties need to be the same in both engagement files.To access the reporting date properties, complete the... Read More
Where do I post my Half-Yearly Adjusting Entries?
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It is very important that adjusting entries are posted to the correct period. Adjustments which are posted to the incorrect period can cause inaccurate/inconsistent information. Adjusting Entries should always be posted to the period that is... Read More