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What is meant by ’Factual’, ’Projected’ and ’Judgemental’ Journals in CaseWare Working Papers?
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The Adjusting Journal Entries page has been updated to adhere to the Clarified International Standards on Auditing by adding Factual, Projected and Judgemental misstatement types to Normal Adjusting and Unrecorded Entries Misstatement This option... Read More
How to display the detail of any Adjusting Journal Entry in a Leadsheet
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The standard format of a Leadsheet contains all adjusting journal information as a total balance under the Adj's or Reclass columns. CaseWare Working Papers also gives you the ability to display the Adjusting journal entries detail within... Read More
How to import Adjusting Entries into CaseWare
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Users now have the ability to import adjusting journals via the Import function.  Before we begin, it is important to note that you must have your journals divided into the following required and optional columns.    Required:  Journal Entry -... Read More
How to create Prior Year Adjusting Entries
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Procedure:  Step 1: Open the 'Adjusting Journal Entries' screen. Step 2: Click the New Entry button to create a new 'Adjusting Journal Entry'. Step 3: Enter or select the appropriate prior year date from the Date picklist.... Read More
How can I Print Preview the Adjusting Journals in the Order they were Entered?
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Within CaseWare Working Papers, adjusting journal entries can also be print previewed / printed in the order they were entered.To change the order that adjusting journal entries are print previewed: Within Document Manager, scroll down to the... Read More
How can I view the History of Adjusting Journal Entries?
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Within CaseWare Working Papers, the 'Adjusting Journal Entries' screen contains a History button, which allows the user to view information regarding created, deleted and renumbered adjusting journal entries.To view the history of... Read More
How to Create a Calculated Adjusting Entry
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CaseWare Working Papers enables you to create an adjustment where the balance is the result of a calculation rather than an entered value. This enables you to create referenced journal entry amounts that draw on existing values in other accounts to... Read More
How to setup Recurring Adjusting Journal Entries
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CaseWare allows the user to set up adjusting journal entries as recurring entries.  This is useful for adjusting entries that are likely to occur in future years. To setup a recurring adjusting entry, follow the steps below: Open the appropriate... Read More
How do I drill down to the adjusting journal detail within an Automatic Document?
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Users are able to drill down to the detail of their adjusting journals within a most automatic documents.Follow the steps below to achieve this: Open the appropriate Automatic document. Do any of the following to one of the listed client account –... Read More
How to Ensure Journal Entries are always in Balance
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Working Papers does allow for one sided journal entries to be processed.To prevent this from happening, complete the following steps: From the Tools tab, select Options to display the 'Options' dialog. From the 'Properties'... Read More
What is meant by the Red / Yellow Warning Icons for FSA proposed journals?
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When posting any of the following journal entries:   Unrecorded - factual Unrecorded - projected Unrecorded - judgemental   If the resulting total balance for the account falls below the Final Materiality total for Performance, then will appear... Read More
Why passing a one sided adjustments can be riskier to your engagement file?
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The option for passing a one-sided adjustment can be tempting. This can happen in a case where the auditor have identified a material variance in one financial statement area but not in a position to ascertain the other financial area which is... Read More