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How do I display consolidated entities across the page?
Viewed 8594 times since Mon, Jun 23, 2014
In Automatic documents you are now able to format your Lead-sheets and analytical review type documents so they display the consolidated entities across the page. This will provide a format that presents the consolidated entity in one column and all... Read More
Complete Consolidation Guide
Viewed 8050 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Please open the document below to view instructions on how to create a consolidated file and how to prepare consolidated financial statements. Read More
How to Roll Forward a Consolidation file
Viewed 7339 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Once an engagement with a Consolidated Entity has been completed, the next step would be to roll forward the Consolidation File.  The correct way to roll forward a consolidation entity is following the process below: 1. Roll forward all the... Read More
How do I set up a CaseWare Consolidation File?
Viewed 6855 times since Wed, May 7, 2014
This Tip Vid explains the two different options in creating a consolidation file in CaseWare:  Option 1: One CaseWare Engagement File Option 2: Multiple CaseWare Engagement Files View FAQ 595: Consolidation Methods to identify the advantages... Read More
What are the differences between the two Consolidation Methods?
Viewed 2563 times since Wed, Jun 21, 2017
There are two methods to consolidate files in Working Papers. Real-time Consolidation (Internal) Batch Consolidation (External) Both consolidation methods have its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on how you wish the data from... Read More
How do I insert separate Materiality Documents for Subsidiaries in an Internally-Consolidation file?
Viewed 1521 times since Thu, Oct 12, 2017
Within an internally consolidated CaseWare file, you may often need to calculate separate Materiality levels for each subsidiary or individual entities. To do so, you would need separate Materiality Documents for your subsidiaries aside from the... Read More
How do I insert a separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) for individual entities in an Internally-Consolidated entity?
Viewed 1369 times since Thu, Oct 12, 2017
Within an internally consolidated CaseWare file, you may often need to calculate different Financial Statement Area (FSA) for each subsidiary or individual entities. To do so, you would need separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) Worksheets... Read More
Balances for one of the external client files are not reflected after consolidation
Viewed 944 times since Wed, Jun 21, 2017
If balances are not being reflected after consolidating your externally maintained client files, it may mean that there is a broken link in the consolidated file.  Please make sure that the externally maintained subsidiary client files are... Read More