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Rename CaseWare Engagement Files
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Note the following:  An engagement file cannot be renamed within Windows Explorer. The rename function is not available when you currently have an engagement file open. To rename the file, you would need to be out of the file. (File >... Read More
How do I lock down or unlock a CaseWare file?
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Lock down allows the user to comply with the established standards governing the documentation an auditor should prepare and retain in connection with engagements such as audit of financial statements, audit of internal controls over financial... Read More
How to mark all immaterial accounts with one click?
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To mark all immaterial accounts with one tick, follow the steps below: In the Trial Balance screen, single left-mouse click on the current year column heading. Highlight the immaterial accounts by clicking and dragging down the account number... Read More
How to use the Copy Components Feature
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Copy Components is a wizard that provides a step-by-step workflow for copying components from one template / engagement file into another. This wizard provides a clearer set of controls which allow the user to copy the entire template /... Read More
How to restore documents deleted from a SmartSync file
Viewed 10046 times since Thu, Aug 20, 2015
The Working Papers Recycle Bin is not available if you are using CaseWare Online (SmartSync). Therefore when a document is deleted from the document manager, it goes straight to the Windows Desktop Recycle Bin. Follow these steps for the... Read More
The difference between "Delete Synchronized Copy" and "Abandon Synchronized copies"
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Delete Synchronised Copy This function is used when you want to delete your child copy from your computer instead of Windows explorer.  From the ribbon, select the Cloud tab | in the Delete area | Delete Copy.     Abandon Synchronised Copy This... Read More
What are Document Tabs in CaseWare Working papers?
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The Document Tabs are the tabs appearing towards the bottom of your Document Manager / CaseView document. The Document Tabs are included in both CaseWare Working Papers and CaseView to provide users with the ability to quickly switch... Read More
How to abandon Synchronised Child Copies of Published Files
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 This FAQ and feature mentioned is only available for engagement files that are published onto Smart Sync Servers, or CaseWare Cloud that engages in multiple child copies to complete the engagement. When working on a published engagement file in... Read More
How to Undo a Checked-out File
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If a user encounters a problem checking an engagement file back into the master copy, they can undo the check-out which will reinstate either the Master file or the Checked out copy to its original state. Undoing a check out can be done by... Read More
Share SmartSync CaseWare files to other firms using CaseWare
Viewed 3988 times since Mon, Aug 18, 2014
CaseWare Working Papers SmartSync engagement files that are published to your server or Cloud can be shared between firms who subscribe to the software.  To share a CaseWare file with another firm, you would need to send the filer without the sync... Read More
How to clear my recent list items from the Working Papers welcome screen
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Working Papers can display up to a maximum of 10 recently opened files.To clear the recent list: From the ribbon, select Tools | Options > General.  Click the Clear button. Read More
How do I print a list of all my Documents from my Document Manager?
Viewed 3516 times since Mon, Jun 5, 2017
To get a list of all your Documents in your engagement file and its sign-offs, follow the steps below. 1. In the CaseWare ribbon, select the Home tab | from the Insert area > Automatic Document.  2. Select Document Manager as your type... Read More
Best Practices for CaseWare Working Papers
Viewed 3505 times since Thu, Jun 19, 2014
The attached document covers the best practices whilst using CaseWare Smart Sync Working Papers and its relevant Audit System/Financial IFRS Templates. It covers the basic file management practices. It is strongly encouraged that all users... Read More
How to customise the ’Layout’ within an Issue Type
Viewed 3122 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Users can customise the layout of the Issues dialog for individual issue types. This allows users to determine the fields available in the dialog. Follow the steps below to customise a an issue type Layout: Open the Issue Pane by clicking... Read More
How to Delete and Clear Multiple Issues at a time
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Users have the ability to clear or delete multiple issues at once.  Procedure: Open the Issues pane from the 'Navigation Toolbar'. Select  single issue or use the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple issues.  To Delete: Use... Read More
How to Customise Roles
Viewed 2705 times since Tue, Jun 17, 2014
Each role in CaseWare (i.e. Auditors and partners) can have a customised description and a unique colour assigned to it. To customise a role, complete the following steps: From the Tools tab, select Options to display the 'Options'... Read More
CaseWare File Length Restrictions
Viewed 2616 times since Mon, Oct 5, 2015
Symptom: A CaseWare Working Papers engagement file fails to open or crashes during the opening process. Cause: The Microsoft operating system has a limit to the length of the path that it can process. The full path description includes the network... Read More
How do I display the Document Manager Modified column?
Viewed 2163 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
The Document Manager contains a new column for modified dates which displays the dates that a document was last modified on.Follow the steps below to display the Modified column. Open your Document Manager. Right-click the Document Manager Header... Read More
Can I save more than one backup to the same folder?
Viewed 1996 times since Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Users are able to save as many backup files as they want into the same folder. Each back-up CaseWare file receives the date and time contained within the folder name. Read More