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How to Export Data from a Leadsheet into a Microsoft Excel file
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Within CaseWare Working Papers, Automatic Documents such as leadsheets are able to be exported into a Microsoft Excel file.Procedure:   Right click on the appropriate automatic document. From the 'Right-click' menus, select Save as >... Read More
How to display the detail of any Adjusting Journal Entry in a Leadsheet
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The standard format of a Leadsheet contains all adjusting journal information as a total balance under the Adj's or Reclass columns. CaseWare Working Papers also gives you the ability to display the Adjusting journal entries detail within... Read More
How to Create your own / user defined Leadsheet
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By default, all leadsheets show Current Year (CY) and Prior Year (PY) figures. This can be changed to show different balances by changing the following options: Right-click on the leadsheet and click Properties. Select the Balances drop... Read More
Displaying credit balances on leadsheets as positive amounts
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On leadsheets, accounts with a debit balance display as positive numbers and accounts with credit balances display as negative numbers. It is possible to change this so that all balances are displayed as positive numbers.  To do this, for each... Read More
Why are my annotation controls greyed out in my Leadsheet?
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If a user tries to annotate an automatic document whilst in Consolidated View, the options will appear greyed out. This is because annotations can only be applied to documents that are not in Consolidated view.Follow the steps below to turn off... Read More
Can Leadsheets compare to the preceding period in a Half-yearly file?
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This FAQ illustrates the process of setting up Leadsheets, to compare the Current and preceding periods, in a Half-yearly file. Note: For the half-yearly component to work in CaseWare, it requires the data has been imported correctly into the... Read More
How do I print a list of all my Documents from my Document Manager?
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To get a list of all your Documents in your engagement file and its sign-offs, follow the steps below. 1. In the CaseWare ribbon, select the Home tab | from the Insert area > Automatic Document.  2. Select Document Manager as your type... Read More
Fix: Why do my Balance Sheet and Income Statement Leadsheet documents not display all information?
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 In our latest October 2017 update, we have included additional 8 leadsheet groups for Revenue and Expenses. These extra leadsheets are introduced to better assist you in focusing in specific material areas within Revenue and Expenses.  However,... Read More
How to utilise the new ’Revenue’ and ’Expenses’ leadsheet groups in the FSA?
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Prerequisite: This FAQ assumes that you would have the latest Auditing System Programs and Procedures. To insert the latest programs, follow FAQ 537 to insert the latest Audit Template documents into your engagement file.   What’s New? To... Read More
What happened to Leadsheets B.05 to X.05 Consolidation and B.08 to X.08 Half-year?
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With the latest October 2017 release of the Audit System templates, an additional eight Revenue and eight Expense groups were added to the document manager. These new leadsheet groupings ranges from V.01 - V.09 for revenue and W.01 - W.09... Read More