Audit File Administration Articles
What are ’Master Files’?
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What is a master file? A master file is a CaseWare engagement file that is built internally by a firm. It is not a complete template, but rather an engagement file being used as a blueprint to minimise engagement setup processes for the audit... Read More
Audit Business Cycles
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The Audit System template utilises 4 Business Cycles. It is essential to have the correct Business cycles in your engagement because it ties your FSA to the control’s risk ratings. The four business cycles can be located in your 3-150 folder.... Read More
What are the Different Audit Document Formats?
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The Audit System Template provides several different document formats within the Document Manager.  The most common formats are: Programs: These documents generally contain instructions (or procedures) that the auditor conducts. There are columns... Read More
How do I insert separate Materiality Documents for Subsidiaries in an Internally-Consolidation file?
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Within an internally consolidated CaseWare file, you may often need to calculate separate Materiality levels for each subsidiary or individual entities. To do so, you would need separate Materiality Documents for your subsidiaries aside from the... Read More
How do I insert a separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) for individual entities in an Internally-Consolidated entity?
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Within an internally consolidated CaseWare file, you may often need to calculate different Financial Statement Area (FSA) for each subsidiary or individual entities. To do so, you would need separate Financial Statement Area (FSA) Worksheets... Read More
Fix: Independence Questionnaire (1-100) not Generating its Questions
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If your Independence Questionnaires (in your Audit System folder 1-100) are not generating the relevant options or questions to complete the document, it is likely that an Audit Profile has not been selected. When beginning an engagement, an Audit... Read More