Audit Report Articles
How CaseWare Audit System deals with the the audit standard ASA 701?
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Since the previous release of Audit System there has been a new audit standard that has been introduced, ASA 701 - Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditor’s Report. As a result of the new requirement, the Audit System... Read More
What is the KRPT report?
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Key audit matters, as defined by auditing standard ASA 701, are those matters that, in the auditor's professional judgement, were of most significance in the audit of the financial report of the current period. Key audit matters are selected... Read More
How to edit/remove Working Papers Reference/Annotations?
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To edit/remove Working Papers reference or annotations previously made, double click within the W/P ref. column. The annotation reference selection would appear. From there, you can select a new reference or remove it. Read More