Year End Close and Roll Forward Articles
How to Roll Forward an Engagement File
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Note: There is only one correct way to roll forward an engagement file (whether it is an audit or financials file).Procedure: 1. From the Engagement tab, select Year End Close to display the "Year End Close and Roll Forward" dialog.  2.... Read More
How to Roll Forward Documents as Placeholders
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As part of the Year-End Close process, document placeholders can be created for documents that users do not want to have rolled forward as the same document as last year; but want a placeholder for the document to remain so that all cross... Read More
How to Roll Forward a Consolidation file
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Once an engagement with a Consolidated Entity has been completed, the next step would be to roll forward the Consolidation File.  The correct way to roll forward a consolidation entity is following the process below: 1. Roll forward all the... Read More
Year-end close vs new file based on existing/Client data
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Performing a Year-end closeAfter completing the financial year, Working Papers provide a means to close a file to the next year. Working Papers rolls forward the current file’s closing balance to create the opening balance for the new file. If... Read More
How to Roll Forward Risks and Controls
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When recording risks throughout an engagement file, there is an option to have the risk roll forward to the next year.If the risk is likely to remain, this option should be ticked. This will avoid the need to re-enter the details in future years. To... Read More
How to edit Header Date Formatting on Roll Forward
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To ensure that the correct year end date is displayed in all headers on roll forward: Within the Global Setup | in the Dates group, change the date format (e.g. dd MMMM yyyy) using the drop-down and press Enter. Re-enter the default date format... Read More
Selecting Multiple Items to Roll Forward
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If there are multiple but not all documents to lock down, the most efficient way is to select them using the Lock Down column. 1. In your Document Manager, right click at the Title Row, select Show and Roll Forward. 2. A Roll Forward column... Read More