Audit System Document and Procedure Updates

Documents and Procedures

The PDF guide attached below will illustrate which documents (and documents with procedures) have been updated and whether you need to include them into your engagement file.

Just because a workpaper or a procedure has been altered/manipulated, does not mean you would need to insert these content into your engagement file.

Other Components

The following components (other than documents and procedures) that have been updated are:

  1. Mapping Numbers
  2. Additional Leadsheet Groups for Revenue and Expenses
  3. Structures
  4. Tickmarks
  5. Document Filters

How do I update my Audit System Template Documents?

1. Review the amended audit documents in the PDF attached below this FAQ to understand the new changes. 

2. Open your engagement file and from the Case Ware ribbons, select File > Copy Components > Copy into This File.

3. Select Audit System template.

4. Select the following components shown in the images below.

 What is the benefits and disadvantages of the two types of Audit template update methods?

Upon updating your engagement file to the latest version it is important to understand the two different methods and how they both carry their share of benefits and disadvantages.

Please watch the video below to get a better understanding on how the two update methods work.


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